About Us

Silican is the company which is committed to provide the silicon products, from raw silicon nanoparticles to silicon-based anode material.
Precisely, the reason to produce the silicon material is to solve the challenging issue: battery with higher energy, lighter weight, extra safety and low cost. Nowadays, the conventional lithium-ion battery is composed of graphite, which is the mainly reason leading to low capacity. With our Silicon-based anode material, the capacity of a battery is able to be up to four times as high as graphite.
Besides enhancing capacity, the safety is also considered, which has been proven by the authority- Industrial Technology Research Institute. Namely, our anode material can easily substitute conventional graphite without any safety issue. Last not least, Silican is led by some of the battery industry’s foremost inventors, scientists and entrepreneurs with enthusiastic and energetic motive to tackle challenging matter in the world.